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Ladies & Childrens Tweed Jackets

J 47 rusty brown tweed with red and  orange overcheck.jpg

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  • J 47 rusty brown tweed with red and  orange overcheck.jpg
  • 44653 Close up.jpg
  • 44653.jpg
  • J 108 dark brown herringbone tweed.JPG
  • BO 2008.jpg
  • BO 2008 Close Up.jpg
  • BO 2018 Close Up.jpg
  • BO 2018.jpg
  • Brown tweed with red pinstripe (limited edition).JPG
  • GH846 Close Up.jpg
  • GH846.jpg
  • GH853 Close Up.jpg
  • GH853.jpg
  • HS 8004 Close Up.jpg
  • HS 8004.jpg
  • HW 32152 greeny brown tweed with feint red, blue and amber overcheck.jpg
  • J 06 greeny brown tweed with dark brown, dark green and feint orange overcheck.jpg
  • J 07 green tweed with feint gold, dark red and black overcheck.JPG
  • J 07 with self collar.jpg
  • J 101 pale green tweed with raspberry and orange overcheck.jpg
  • J 102 beige tweed with navy, raspberry and aubergine overcheck.jpg
  • J 104 mid brown tweed with mid blue overcheck.JPG
  • J 105 Mid green tweed with navy and burgundy overcheck.JPG
  • J 13 golden mustard tweed with bright blue shadowed overcheck.jpg
  • J 14 sage green tweed with bold raspberry overcheck.JPG
  • J 15 golden mustard tweed with red and rust overcheck 2.jpg
  • J 16 pale green tweed with rust and mid green overcheck.jpg
  • J 18 pale brown tweed with feint pale blue, dark pink and dark brown overcheck.jpg
  • J 20 leaf green tweed with feint dusky pink, bright blue, orange and gold overcheck.jpg
  • J 21 greeny brown tweed with navy and raspberry overcheck.jpg
  • J 22 greeny blue tweed with dark blue overcheck.jpg
  • J 23 greeny brown tweed with raspberry overcheck.JPG
  • J 24 green tweed with busy navy rust and red overcheck,.JPG
  • J 26 greeny blue tweed with mid brown and blue overcheck.jpg
  • J 28 greeny brown tweed with purple overcheck.jpg
  • J 29 mid green tweed with burgundy and bottle green shadowed overcheck.jpg
  • J 31 light brown tweed with raspberry and pale blue overcheck.jpg
  • J 32 navy blue tweed with bold creamy white overcheck.jpg
  • J 34 browny green tweed with bold terracotta and pale rust overcheck.jpg
  • J 34 with navy collar.jpg
  • J 35 green tweed with amber, raspberry and mid blue overcheck.jpg
  • J 36 dark grey tweed with bold pale blue, mid blue and darker grey overcheck.jpg
  • J 37 light green tweed with dark green and brown overcheck.JPG
  • J 38 mid green tweed with dark green and rust overcheck 2.jpg
  • J 40 mid brown tweed with darker brown overcheck.jpg
  • J 4049 pale green tweed with rust and amber overcheck.jpg
  • J 4077 pale green tweed with dark green and dark red overcheck (limited availability).JPG
  • J 41 greeny blue tweed with mid blue, light blue and feint yellow overcheck 2.jpg
  • J 46 pale green tweed with purple and feint gold overcheck (limited availability)
  • J 49 mid-gold tweed with rust and raspberry overcheck.jpg
  • J 51 green tweed with yellow,brown, navy and gold overcheck.JPG
  • J 60 pale green tweed with gold, orange, blue and burgundy overcheck.jpg
  • J 65 green tweed with brown and gold overcheck. (limited stock).jpg
  • J 71 green tweed with brown , feint gold and rust overcheck.jpg
  • J 74 rusty brown tweed with dark, light red and brown overcheck.jpg
  • J 8 golden mustard tweed with pale blue shadowed overcheck.jpg
  • J 82 sandy tweed with pale and dark pink overcheck.jpg
  • J 83 mid olive green tweed with brown and yellow overcheck. (limited edition).JPG
  • J 85 pale browny green tweed with dark red ,mid brown and feint yellow overcheck.jpg
  • J 86 greeny golden tweed with bold navy, royal blue, pale blue,burgundy, gold and rust  overcheck (limited availability)
  • J 87 pale grey tweed with light, mid and navy blue overcheck.jpg
  • J 88 dark brown tweed with purple overcheck.jpg
  • J 89 golden tweed with bold blue overcheck.jpg
  • J 90 plain dark brown with black velvet collar (limited availability)
  • J 91 dark green tweed with purple and navy overcheck.jpg
  • J 95 pale green tweed with burgundy, bottle green and feint yellow overcheck.jpg
  • J 98 mid green tweed with subtle gold and rust overchecks.jpg
  • J 99 mid - dark green tweed with navy overcheck.jpg
  • J120 Close Up (Exclusive to Le Beau Cheval)
  • J120 Exclusive to Le Beau Cheval
  • J130 Exclusive to Le Beau Cheval
  • J140 Pale Blue woven tie Close Up.jpg
  • J140 Pale Blue woven tie.jpg
  • J140 Red Tie Close Up.jpg
  • J140 Red Tie.jpg
  • J59 Close Up.jpg
  • J59.jpg
  • J6492 Limited Edition Close Up
  • J6521 (limited availability)
  • J6634 (limited availability)
  • J6634 Close Up (limited availability)
  • KT507 Close Up.jpg
  • KT507.jpg
  • Navy tweed with red pinstripe (limited edition).JPG
  • URB 84 mid green tweed with green, brown, amber, yellow and raspberry overcheck.JPG

Le Beau Cheval are makers of an extensive range of Double Vent & Panel Back Tweed Riding Jackets.

Stand out from the crowd and catch the Judges eye with one of our beautifully tailored jackets made from 100% British Wool.

We offer the largest choice of Tweeds, linings, buttons and trim in the UK.

As well as offering the customer off the peg sizes in a variety of popular tweeds we also offer a Made to Measure service at little or no extra cost. This affords the individual the opportunity to choose their own tweed, lining and trim enabling you to have a unique Jacket to compliment your horse or pony.

How to order

  1. Choose your Tweed/Fabric
  2. Choose your size
  3. Contact us

Tweed Jacket Prices
(Ladies & Childrens)

Childrens Tweed Jackets Chest 18”-35” From £180.00
Ladies Tweed Jackets UK Size 4-24 From  £260.00

Bespoke service
(Quick Turnaround)

For the customer who struggles with off the peg sizes or requires a little  more choice and something different.

We feel supremely confident that the service we offer will satisfy the most demanding customer at little or no extra cost!

Some combinations and choice of fabrics, trim & accessories are not  available through our website. Please contact us for more information.

How to use our bespoke service

  • Visit our Tradestand at various shows around the country.
  • Make an appointment and come to our workshop in Lancashire.
  • By telephone. Our experienced team will go through the measuring process with you

Tweed Swatches

To see Tweed Swatches, click here.

Measurement Guide

To see the measurement guide, click here.